I really, really needed help today. I have an off camera flash that I’m trying to learn how to use and get the exposure and color and depth that I want from it.

First, I have to learn the language of the darn thing, then I have to learn how to use it, and then I have to learn my own silly preferences. Specifically, I’m trying to catch lights in their eyes.

I enlisted everyone I could find.

First, Ellie.

Ewan the Lion 1.jpg

I think that she was my best volunteer. Or most willing, unwilling subject. Whatever. But notice that she has two catch lights in each eye? That’s the flash AND the light from the window to her left. Hmmm.

Then, Hank for some outdoor fill in flash and then some indoor stuff. The outdoor fill in flash is still a mystery to me. Ugh. Terrible exposure. Dull catch lights, if any. Ugh.


And I wonder why our kids are weird. No wait. No. No I don’t wonder.

This one is good. I like the exposure and the catch lights.

Man, he’s weird.

Ewan the Lion 6.jpg

Next, Holden. I love how he never seems uncomfortable in front of the camera.


There are some nice catch lights showing up, but my flash is set too high. Notice the hard shadow around his face? His very, very pained face? And I also got two catch lights again from the flash and the window. Gotta remember that. Don’t want it.

Ewan the Lion 12.jpg

Boy I really know to inflict pain on my peeps, don’t I? Next, I think I’ll ask them to drink straight lemon juice and chase them with brussel sprouts. I don’t even know how to spell “brussel” evidently, because there are those red dotted you-spelled-it-wrong lines again.

I really don’t know what else to say.

Until my next experiment…goodbye.