the in-between moments.

We have new hardwood floors installed throughout the house, except for the bedrooms (we’ll paint those floors for now and install hardwood there next year some time). We have new kitchen and master bathroom cabinets installed (aside from one damaged cabinet). We have all end-of-life windows replaced. The exterior of the house is painted and is just being touched up. The interior is almost completely painted, aside from some drywall repair. Tile is laid in the guest bathroom and ready for grout, and cement board is down in the master bathroom. A new exterior door leading out from the master en suite is in. Interior doors are almost all hung. Trim is going in and window sills are being fitted. The countertop slabs are being fabricated and will be installed next week and the floors will be final sanded, stained, and sealed.

And yet, I’m stuck in the in-between moments.

We are in flux between extreme giddiness from knowing that we get to really, truly move in soon, but are still wandering around wondering where to put ourselves. It’s a little surreal.

Here are some of our favorite spots, we’re discovering.

The back deck, under the cottonwood tree.

0901 farm-010

0901 farm-012

The view from the road in the evenings.

0901 farm-014

New friends.

0901 farm-018

The sentry…

0901 farm-024

And the wild card.

0901 farm-032

The new office space, which is 90% complete now – enough that we’re working there each day. There’s just a bit of touch up paint in the interior and tying in the electric to finish it up (we’re running on an extension cord during the day, currently).

0908 reno-044

0908 reno-045

0908 reno-047

A new, and very heavy, farm sink install.

0911 house-001

0911 house-002

0911 house-005

Our contractor, making a template so that I can really envision how big one of the island countertops should be.

0911 house-003

And lastly, meeting one of the crew’s kiddos and introducing her to Squiggy the Chicken.

0911 house-009

She wasn’t very impressed. ;)

I wish I had her fashion sense, btw.

I have more to show you, but the pictures will be a hot mess. Just be prepared.