While I was away catching my breath the other day, superheroes invaded our house. Actually, Holden found his Ben 10 watch, and after some head osmosis he slung it on his wrist and began to invoke all kinds of avatars or something. He started freaking out and jumping around and scooting and sliding and … well, it nearly gave me a heart attack.

Take this one, for instance. This avatar, in particular, gives you powers to body slam the couch. First you obviously have to rev up or power up or, oh gosh I don’t know. Just watch the progression and see…

At this point I gasped and yelled something about not jumping on the good couch. Yes, the good one. We have an early poverty style couch in the basement living room that is jumpable, and there’s a pretty good jumping course down there from a LoveSac moviesac, to the couch, then over to the LoveSac rocker. Holden can do full on flips down there. And yes, before you worry, it’s safe. All the way to the stained concrete floors.Pffft.

But back to the gasp and yell. My quick thinking and gasping and yelling saved the couch from total demise. But I think Ewan was disappointed. Although I’m not sure if he was disappointed that he didn’t see the whole couch slam, disappointed that Holden didn’t get in trouble, or disappointed that I didn’t yell loudly enough.

And then he showed me how he can slide backwards across the floor.

Then Holden started hollering about Ben 10 turning into Frogman I think, and then he started doing this.

And then this.

Good heavens. Fiercerosity.

All of sudden, Ewan started saying, “Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat. Hat.” And after about the 10th “Hat” he finally caught my attention.

But then he gave the hat to Holden, who wasn’t weird at all.

He looks a little like Minnie Pearl in that last one. Didn’t last long, though, because then he started sneaking up on me.

But there was doom and despair. This beach ball. Oh, this beach ball.

It’s going to kill us all. Holden can’t help but bounce it. And shoot it. And throw it at the ceiling. And squish it. And bounce it and bounce it and bounce it.

Now he’s grounded from it.

It’s really loud.

And it hits things like hanging pendant lighting and chandeliers and laptops that might be on the dining room table.

And it’s really loud.

Oh, and there are two of them so it’s double the torture.