The K Family {family session}

You know those moments in life…the ones in which you feel like a big ol’ cliche?




Just pretty darn awesome?

Well. I am so blessed, and incredibly fortunate, and insanely grateful to have spent a morning with this family. Not only in their company, but under the umbrella of God’s good graces with yummy cloud cover and beautiful weather to boot.

These two girls, sisters, hadn’t seen each other for a while; nearly a year, in fact.

They couldn’t stop holding hands.

It made me a little homesick for my own sisters, so I stood over by their mom and wept a little. ;)

The Mr. swooped her off her feet, though; a seemingly lifelong mission of his. Happy anniversary to you two.

I couldn’t help but eavesdrop a little on their conversation, and there was something in there about spoiling their future grandbabies, which made the girls do this.

Sorry Kayla and Lauren – I couldn’t resist!!

They’ve much more to do before that, yes? Like teaching in China and outreach work. Could they be any cooler?

God love a Dad and his girls. Melt.

And the love between Mom and them? Well. See for yourself.

Just gorgeous.

Much love to your beautiful family! Can’t wait to hear about all of the fun things you will do. :)