I hope.

Really, really hope.

I hope that kisses never go out of style. I’ll be toast if they do.

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There’s not much better than little soft kisses here and there.

Well, except for maybe the leading up to them…

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Hello gorgeous.

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April and James were our neighbors when we first moved to Colorado, way back when. Back during that fun time of being newlyweds with no curfews, just a little punishment here and there of nights out too late playing softball, walking the dogs, and maybe even a glass of wine or two.

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Over the years, we kept bumping into each other. First with strollers filled with new babies, then at the community center and library trying to keep up with those growing kids. Last year? Our boys were in the same kindergarten class.

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Both of our families ended up in the same spots again, quite by accident. Funny how life works that way.

And by the way, this one here is a fierce grasshopper hunter.

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There’s something to be said for this Colorado sweetness out here. It’s a fine, fine place for the raising-a-family thing.

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Now back to that kissing part.

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And oh yes. The sunflowers part. I’ve never seen so many wild sunflowers as here, tucked in and about just nearly every spot.




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April + James |  Together 10+ years

Their peeps |  Michiganders (I just love that word: Michiganders. Use it every chance I can.)

Now |  Coloradoans. (Not nearly as fun to say, but super fun to live here.)

Kids |  O = 1st grade; A = preschool

Her |  Owner, Nail Salon, Boulder CO

Him |  Tyson Electronics

Fun Fact |  James can swing their kids from the ground to his shoulder in .5 seconds.