The most random post, ever.

There are so many days that I put something on our 3yo’s plate with this complete hesitation that’s heavily laced with hope. I talk about how yummy a particular dish is, and then notice that I’m holding my breath while trying to act like it’s no big deal, just waiting to see if he’ll eat it. Stuff like a freshy fresh salad, or cauliflower “fried rice”, or baked fish. Nearly every time, he takes a bite, makes a mostly pleased face and says, “Mmmmmm. So yummy!”

And then, nearly every time, he eats every bite. (!)

Sometimes I find that I approach life in that same way, trying something and waiting for a sign to tell me if it’s good or not.

Know what I have to say about that?

Mmmmmm. So yummy.

20120310 0312 new lens 26 copy2

Random stream of consciousness, thread numero uno.

Puzzles and pjs.

Mary Pantier Photography  1858 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  1857 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  1859 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  1860 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  1862 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  1861 of 1

Thread numero dos.

Colored bubbles.

20120311 0312 new lens 33

20120311 0312 new lens 49


20120311 0312 new lens 52

20120311 0312 new lens 35

20120311 0312 new lens 36

Seems as though there’s a certain technique to it.

20120311 0312 new lens 39

20120311 0312 new lens 42

20120311 0312 new lens 43

20120311 0312 new lens 44

20120311 0312 new lens 56

And numero trio. Ha.

20120311 0312 new lens 59

3D chalk.

20120311 0312 new lens 61

Special technique? Swirly colors and special glasses.

20120311 0312 new lens 63

20120311 0312 new lens 62

So there you have it.

Bubbles and chalk

There would be so much more say to say if it were humanly possible, but it is not. I was semi-cleared to go back to CrossFit about a week and a half ago, and while I’m limited a lot in what I can attempt (boo), I did do some stuff this week (yay), that has left me unable to function or think clearly (boo and yay).

I think I’m more sore than I’ve ever been in my entire life and have a feeling that I’ll be spending all of Fun Friday rolling around on the floor because my muscles aren’t working at present.

That’s all I’ve got. Over and out.

Oh wait. No it’s not. Next post? The ‘Fish had a fun concert tonight at school, and I got a new lens. Put those two things together and there’s sure to be something super fun.

Later gators.