Ok. I know I’ve posted out of order. Woops. But I have an extremely good and valid reason for it.

In my stocking this year…

There was…

A new…


And we’re defining the terms of our new relationship; however, I have more of a learning curve than it.

I should probably come up with a name for it. How about Don Pablo.

Oooh, I like it.

Almost as much as I liked that Hank’s Dad & Stepmom & step-sister were here for a visit. This is Grandma Mary. I was instructed to not take any pictures of that cute little thing, so I snuck ones of her legs and coffee cup as proof that she was here. Love you, Mare!

christmas day 4136.jpg

Our little Holden was beaming.

christmas day 4135.jpg

And Ewan, well…Christmas mayhem sometimes is a bit much for the wee ones. Especially when all you’d like to do is play with your new Thomas the Train remote control engine. Poor baby.

christmas day 4134.jpg

Santa left new bikes around the tree for H & E: one red, one green. Very fitting. And btw, Santa was very, very generous this year. Either that or we were all especially good. Probably more of the former, honestly, so thank you an awful lot, Santa.

christmas day 4133.jpg

New Christmas jammies were accompanied by new Christmas slippers this year. Not pictured is one of the best slippers for men I’ve found, I mean that Santa found. Oh boy.

christmas day 4131.jpg

And thank God for Granddaddy, who knows how to put stuff together. Stuff like a bow and arrows and a quiver and some remote control things.

christmas day 4132.jpg

The regular Daddy knows how, too, but it truly was nice to have an extra pair of hands to help with everything.

christmas day 4130.jpg

After presents and putting stuff together came the yummiest of breakfasts, courtesy of Hank the Daddy: quiche and cinnamon rolls. And yes, I nerded right out and got myself matching jammies sans slippers. I totally rocked the crazy Santa pjs, and they gave me powers to make some pretty delish homemade hot cocoa served up in chocolate-and-crushed-peppermint-dipped cups.

christmas day 4129.jpg

As Christmas day usually goes, the excitement cannot stay confined within the house. Out we went to watch Granddaddy teach Holden how to use that bow and arrow. Precious moments, my friends.


christmas day 4122.jpg

The pic on the left there makes me giggle. Granddaddy has an arrow stuck in his booty. Ok. What am I. Twelve???


Aside from my bad tween humor, I noticed that Ewan had decided to head out to the front to work over the rocks and his skateboard a bit.


And the Ellie dog? She took up her usual post of begging for treats in the kitchen.

christmas day 4121.jpg

It was beautiful here this Christmas, and I’m not only talking about the weather. This was our first Christmas in about ten years that we shared our home in Colorado with family, and that made it special beyond my heart’s deepest desires. There’s something so incredibly awesome about being tucked up inside with wild bedhead, sleepy eye boogers, and twinkley-eyed children being watched over and spoiled rotten by the g’rents.

My heart swells.