georgia o'keeffe: "red poppy"

I don’t know any servicemen or women who have fallen serving our country. I am thankful for that, selfishly. It’s my heart that’s protected, you see.

I do know a fair share of servicemen and women who serve or have served our country. I am thankful for them, selfishly. It’s my family that’s protected. And my friends. And my home. And my country. Everyone that I love is protected by them because of what they do and what they risk.

But today. Today is for the fallen. And if you don’t know the story of the red poppy, read here.

I’ve also been looking at this and this and this. And there’s more here. And here.

And here is why you, if you’re reading, are important and what you do, everyday, is…well…beyond words.

We get to draw this on the sidewalk and celebrate it every day.

We can raise our families in an awesome community and have so many incredible opportunities to spend time with them, love them, nurture our relationships, and pretty much just live an amazing and thankful life.

And at the end of the day, we are able to tuck ourselves into our homes and lives safely, sweetly, and completely, and share our greatest gift with each other…company. Camaraderie. Friendship. And the grace of a warm meal, fun drinks, and yummy desserts. So many blessings.

And our children. Our children freely play in a place called “abandon.” From playing peekaboo,

To sneaking up on the Oscar dog.

From lifting heavy things and putting them in different spots around the yard,

And finding new uses for them (who knew that a pitchback was a car catcher?),

To washing up for dinner in the fountain.

We live a blessed life, largely because of our family and friends in the Armed Forces. And don’t think for one minute that we forget it.

Thank you.