Douglas Brooks, a professional scholar and teacher of the Rajanaka Yoga tradition, recently blogged that “yoga…makes roots in revelation.”


Quite a few years back now, pretty soon after we moved to Colorado in fact, I really opened up to yoga. It was during a tremendously painful and emotional time in my life; one during which my old ways of coping betrayed me. In those vulnerable moments on my mat, I began to heal. Prayer finally made sense to me through meditation. The frightened and protective fist around my heart began to let go, revealing a bruised yet hopeful soul. I was astonished at the depth of teaching and receiving that yoga gave and the insight unveiled by moving through the physical to get to the emotional. It was a revealing experience in what I have dubbed, my “revelation revolution.”

Tell me, how have you drawn yourself back from moments such as these? What insight have you received, and in what form?

Professor Brooks goes on to say, “revelation’s purpose is to reveal what we can and, in a certain way must learn scientifically, that is, experimentally.”

Have you danced on the edge and fallen through or flown? Will you dance with me?