This morning I noticed my rhythm. I scrambled eggs with one hand, reached up and took my warmed up coffee out of the microwave with my other, scooted the dog over with my knee and bobbed my opposite hip to the tunes of Michael Buble and his Christmas album. (Yes, I listen to him. There, I said it. I really, really like his Christmas album.) I remember thinking, wow, what fantastic beings we SAHMs are (stay-at-home-moms). We can multi-task like no other.

But then I remembered something else.

At this point in the season about three years ago, I was refining letters of recommendation for college-bound seniors, drawing up four-year plans for freshmen with my tablet in the other, sipping terrible Folger’s coffee and being thankful for it, and answering my phone, pleasantly perching it precariously between my ear and shoulder, all the while motioning for the next kid to come into my office for an appointment.

And seven years before that, balancing a book bag full of every 100-lb book known to man off my right shoulder, holding the hand of a six-year-old Nick, traipsing across a college campus in search of, once again perhaps my longest relationship in life, coffee, multi-tasking SML (single mom life) with being a NTCS (non-traditional college student) with I-can’t-believe-I-just-quit-my-job-to-go-back-to-school.

We are all awesome multi-taskers. We are all amazing super insert-heres: Mom, Dads, daughters, sons, caretakers, yoga teachers, CEOs, artists, programmers, managers, veterinarians, college professors, nurses, real estate appraisers, trainers, engineers, and computer geeks. Oh yeah, and photographers. Ha.

And we all, no matter what, find our rhythm. It might be a weird one. Or an unexpected one. One that we don’t particularly like the tune of, or one that is our favorite and we just can’t get that little ditty out of our head because it’s just that catchy.

I’m gonna go enjoy mine. Right after I wrestle the toddler down and get that giant boogie out of his nose. And by the way, he’s made himself all naked again. Lord, help me.


But you out there…don’t judge me. Fear me. :)