The Roastery.


I am one lucky girl.

Not only did I marry the barista who stole my heart in college, but he came with coffee shop-owning friends and a coffee-roastery-owning one.

It seems that everywhere we went this past week, someone was coaxing a delicious, steaming, perfectly designed velvet-topped latte into my hands.

I said “I love you” a lot.

To people I didn’t even know.


And my youngest children received the best education they could ever receive

How to roast coffee beans.


This is better than Harvard even, I just know it.

2013-01-27_0006 2013-01-27_0007

Sure they need to grow a few feet, but that won’t take long.

I seriously think that there’s a future for them here.



The flavor. Aromatics are a big deal, people, although I do prefer a non-flavored bean.

2013-01-27_0009 2013-01-27_0010

I smelled so good after this. Like a perfectly roasted, delicious little espresso. Had the essence of coffee in my hair for the rest of the day, which made me happy, happy, happy.

Bucket List, you are getting shorter.