The Silent Disco and how not to pee your pants.

The Great American Beer Festival is a huge deal. Huge. It’s like the mecca event for breweries all across the country to bring their craft beers for tasting, judging, and hobnobbing. And I’m sort of surrounded by beer experts who know area beermasters, homebrew some serious concoctions, and one neighbor is even a biology professor at the Colorado School of Mines and “is currently developing a research program investigating growth of unusual organisms in spontaneous ferments.” That’s one fancy way to say he’s cultivating yeast used in beer brewing, among other things. Pretty cool.

But that’s not why I go to the GABF.

20110929 0929 GABF 37

Tucked back in the far right corner of the convention center is a dance floor. It’s not just any dance floor, mind you. Oh, people cut a rug there, for sure.

20110929 0929 GABF 72

The trick is, you have to wear headphones to hear the music.

20110929 0929 GABF 75

And only people on the dance floor get headphones.

20110929 0929 GABF 77

Thank you, Oskar Blues Silent Disco. All I could hear was clapping and shuffling of feet.

20110929 0929 GABF 81

Yep. No sound for us watching. Zero. As in zilch.

But these guys? Dudes were full on committed.

20110929 0929 GABF 82

20110929 0929 GABF 83

20110929 0929 GABF 84

20110929 0929 GABF 99

Caught someone doing the Beyonce beyounce dance. He was wearing leather pants, so I knew he was all in.

20110929 0929 GABF 104

At this point, I was having to cross my legs so I wouldn’t have an accident. And the security guy next to me was doing a funny high-pitched laugh that made me snort.

20110929 0929 GABF 92

And then we saw this. Yes, it takes four pictures to do the whole thing justice. Hang with me, people.

20110929 0929 GABF 93

20110929 0929 GABF 94

Is he riding the pony?!

20110929 0929 GABF 95

20110929 0929 GABF 96

I wonder if his friend knew that…

This guy was all over that dance floor.



Yeah baby.


I’m feelin’ it. But I’m not so sure about the guy shedding his music gear, there. He’s out.

20110929 0929 GABF 125

20110929 0929 GABF 128

My face hurt. My abs hurt. And my battery died. Oh gosh I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time.

This part, this tiny little corner, was so worth the entire price of my ticket.