It’s been a helluva week. The low part? A couple of conversations with a loved one which I moved away from depleted and diminished and feeling very insignificant, unnoticed, and unworthy. The up part? A happenstance meeting with a professional photographer, to whom I was very hesitant to show any of my photos, which turned out to be awesome and she exclaimed things like, “I wish my work looked so high-end!” and “How do you get such lightness in their expressions?” The funny part (which I’m sure the latter prepared me for this one…)? A fellow mom-of-basketball-kid said,

“I like your pictures. Mine never turn out like that. But I’m sure it’s more about the camera than anything else, isn’t it? I mean, how expensive is yours?”


I wonder if, since she’s a teacher, she wonders if only the students with awesome pencils can write beautifully worded papers?


I just watched this video clip of one of my most favorite yoga teachers.

Needed that.

Because my spiral this week had been a downward one. But I realize, I had just been upside down.

On my way upward baby. Spiraling upward.