Today is an actual work day for me; the day that I get Hank’s billing all ready and invoices out. I tried to get all of my blog stalking out of the way this morning and my FB voyeurism completed just after lunch, and have mostly kept my browser window minimized and tucked out of sight. But then I just checked my email and ran across the funniest message thread from a Yahoo group I’m a member of called Boulder RockN Moms.

Just to give you a little background on this group, it is powerful. For instance, if you need help with transitioning your baby from your bed to his/her own? Post something. A whole tribe will come forward, both through the public thread and emailing you offline. It’s amazing.

If a mom is upset about being reprimanded in public for breastfeeding? These gals will stage a nurse-in to get the point across to that retailer.

If you need the skinny on a preschool? They’ll give it to you, and they’ll be quite fair on the pros and cons.

Every once in a while, they go a little too political for my taste and things get caddywumpus (not sure how that word is spelled…), but for the most part? Invaluable. They are very much a part of my village.

Today’s thread? Someone’s daughter has started chewing so hard on her crib rail that she actually bit two chunks out of it! I.cracked.up. Not in a mean way, please know. It really might be alarming, depending on the size of the chunks she’s getting, but it just was a quick reminder of how much these little people keep us juggling every nugget of information we have in our brains and freaking out about how to keep them safe!

It also reminded me of how much I love the crib we have for our boys. Hank’s dad purchased it for us as a gift for Holden, but he let us pick it out. We shook them all, hard, testing their solidness. We ran our hands along every inch of them, letting our fingers tell us about the quality of the wood and its finish. We looked at the architecture of each one, and imagined the one we chose growing with our kiddo, morphing from crib to toddler bed to full-sized bed; this beautifully curved headboard in a cherry finish, solid lines, and button feet.

It’s really beautiful.

And it has bite marks all over it.


And my opinion? It makes it even more beautiful.

I think they’re all from the Goldfish. The Terror didn’t transition to the crib until much later than the Fish, and he had a mouthful of front teeth already.

I love looking at all of those little bare spots. They’re more prominent on the side that faces in, you know, where those bottom teeth would have been. They’re also more prominent at the ends, and I remember him walking his crib back and forth, holding onto that rail and chattering for someone to come release him into the wild of the rest of the house.

It won’t make a pretty full-sized bed, when we’re ready for it to morph into something different. But I do think that it will be the most lovely, and precious, piece of furniture we own.

And by the way? Five years ago, had I read the first two paragraphs of this post, I would have thought the author was on crack from another planet. My how our lives, and language, have changed with technology and social media.

I think that that‘s beautiful, too.