The train yard. {family session}

Meet them.

IMG 8577 2

The W family.

My most favorite things about them? Their love for adventure and quest for the silly in life.

IMG 8590 2

IMG 8591 2

Another favorite thing? They yell at their children the same as I do. With love and earnestness and a huge hint of laughter in it every time.

IMG 8554 2

And their children feel that laughter in the greatest of loves.

W fam

That’s the truest beauty in this life, isn’t it?

Here are a few more.


They just shine from the inside out.


And they all have those insanely lovely eyes. Sheesh.


Hmmm. Wonder where they get them?

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I wonder.

But what I don’t wonder? I don’t wonder about the spark between these two. Holy sparks, Batman.

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C and j

We hid the kids in the car for that business.

C and j 2

They wouldn’t stay for long. There were train cars to explore.

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