There are times in life when small shifts happen all over and the tremors of them barely register. Then, there are times when life is really shakin’. We’ve been shakin’ around here.

We have a wonderful new park in our town. This park is going to be the heartbeat of us all, I can just feel it. Movies on the lawn, Concerts in the Park, softball leagues, birthday parties, kids playing from dawn ’til dusk. Grass stains and mosquito bites. Opening day was last Saturday, and along with the Mayor and town officials and big wooden scissors that cut Opening Day ribbons, there was…wind.

Our town is becoming a regular Stars Hollow. I, personally, love it.

As soon as the ribbon was cut, Holden ran full speed across a huge field to get to this. I’m not sure he was finished running by the time he got there. He had his fast shoes on.

And then, he was hooked on NEOS, a solar-powered light-grabbing game that also plays music. Look at him boogie.

Two buddies selflessly demonstrate how intensely the wind was blowing:

And Ewan treks across the great and expansive fields.

I spun Holden around in a cup because I thought he’d love it. Something tells me we weren’t on the same page.

He then played safely by a bench for a while.

This guy, at one point, made some remarks about our “podunk” town. He’s now our new Mayor. And, his hair didn’t move, no matter what the wind did. At all. Ever. Not once. I think he uses AquaNet.

This concrete etching pretty much summed up the day:

And then Holden found a hill.

He invited a friend.

The softball game was about to start, so we trekked over to the amazing new fields while KC & the Sunshine Band blared from the speakers. There was more boogieing.

It was a great day.