While it might sound really odd, I think every single person in our little family looks forward to elk season each year, even though it always comes hand-in-hand with the heart tugs of Hank being away for several days. Hank gets those days and nights of being, well living, outside; I scrub the house until it nearly bleeds, and the boys get some very precious time with their Granddaddy when everyone comes back in from their trip.

On the morning that he was set to leave, I groggily came downstairs after a night of football and fall festival-ing to see our littlest man squeezing just a bit more out of his time with his Granddaddy.

20111022 Granddaddy 2

20111022 Granddaddy 3

20111022 Granddaddy 4

20111022 Granddaddy 5

I’m not quite sure who was being read to, but it really doesn’t matter, now does it? We get this once, maybe twice a year, and it is something just to sink into, I tell you. Those of you lucky enough to live near the G’rents, I envy you. We all do. And it’s funny, because even though there might not be the day-to-day camaraderie between our boys and their Granddaddy, it makes no difference. It’s like there have been no missing days between the times that they see him; everything just falls right into sync like magic.

But as always, the melt-my-heart moment was punctuated by the cackles coming from the other side of the room. Someone scored a paddle ball as a prize at his fall festival, and thank goodness the ball stayed attached for at least 30 minutes of this.



Man I remember getting nailed by those things, and always when I least expected it. They’ll go all rogue on you in -.02.

Speaking of going rogue…

20111022 Granddaddy 11

Some maniac gave this guy a pen and I thought he was going to MacGyver us somehow.

20111022 Granddaddy 12

p.s. LOVE his little baby chubs chin he still has when he looks down. He’s growing up too fast…


Jeez-o-Pete that dude looks maniacal. Skeered.

Our time that morning faded pretty quickly. Soon it was time to give hugs and kisses and promises of more visits (in just a few weeks, actually! Yay!).

20111022 Granddaddy 21

20111022 Granddaddy 17

20111022 Granddaddy 16


20111022 Granddaddy 20

Love you Granddaddy. There are some Diego books and a bb gun waiting here with a couple of little boys, just for you.