The Way of the Peacock. Or at least its feather.

A few new exciting things this week! First, I’m adding a second yoga class at Conviction CrossFit and debuting it as – get ready now – After Hours Yoga. Isn’t that an awesome name? The class will be after all CrossFit classes have wrapped up for the day on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., so we’ll have the gym to ourselves and get a nice savasana at the end of practice – something we don’t always get a nice taste of on Thursday mornings. This is my favorite time of day to practice, and what a view we’ll have of sunsets for a while!

The next exciting thing is…well I suppose this one isn’t too exciting for you, but is for us! No class this Thursday, July 28th. My family and I will be traveling for a much needed mini-vaca: yay!

And just in case you need even more of a teaser to come in for yoga, your 5th class is free. My treat to you for incorporating more balance into your fitness lifestyle and putting more yin in your yang.

Finally, my last exciting thing is to introduce you to the pose we’ll be working toward tomorrow evening: pincha mayurasana or “peacock feather”. There are therapeutic advantages to every yoga pose, and this one in particular aids with alleviation of stress. You can spend a lifetime working with all of the nuances leading up to this pose; from strengthening your back, arms, and shoulders, to stretching your neck, belly, and chest, to improving your sense of balance and finding your core.

Come play!

Pincha Mayurasana

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