High on the SOC, baby. That’s right. The Spirit of Christmas. There will be more later in a separate post, but for now, just a few of the highlights leading up to the fat man’s day.

Each year, the fire station on the corner comes through our neighborhood with a couple of trucks, a walking Santa, and a firefighter who hands out candy canes. Super duper fun, I tell you. Especially when fire trucks nearly blow the mind of our toddler. I swear he’d jump for joy all the way to the North Pole in one bound if it were possible at the simple sight of a fire truck.

fire santa 4089.jpg

fire truck.jpg

And the giving spirit? It lives high in my children. They helped make chocolate-covered-and-sprinkley pretzels to gift to our neighbors, along with some containers of playdough.

silly holden.jpg

silly ewan.jpg

The finished project, minus sticky fingers and half-licked pretzels (I swear that no licked pretzels were given out. At least I think I swear).

neighbor gifts.jpg

Next on the agenda? Seeing Santa. Or at least standing in line to see him. Outside cameras WERE NOT ALLOWED. That fact was POSTED IN YELLING LETTERS EVERYWHERE. It was to keep the integrity OF THE PHOTOSHOOT. To see the final photo of that hilariousness, click here.

santa line.jpg

The next day, my darling in-laws arrived and the boys made gingerbread houses while the g’rents acted like paparazzi.

making gingerbread houses.jpg


We had to take them to Lucile’s for breakfast the next morning. I’m only posting a couple of pics now, because this little outing deserves a post all it’s own. Just wait. It’ll be worth it.


We bundled up later that evening and headed off to the Denver Zoo to see the Zoo Lights. Highlight? The geekazoid fire dancer. He danced like Axl Rose but you could tell he was a LOTR lover and possible Renaissance man. High-larious. And really awesomely mesmerizing.

fire dancer.jpg

More to come. But mostly, just wanting to wish you a happy holiday out there. Hope you’re being loved up to the max.

fire santa 4090.jpg