The wonder around you. {yoga}

In support of my complete and total social media addiction, I subscribe to Yoga International Magazine on my Twitter feed and have their tweets sent directly to my phone. These little tweets that come through periodically are divine nuggets of reflection, inspiration, and conflict. Sometimes they seem perfect; sometimes they are maddening in their challenge (which is probably also perfect in its essence) or mirroring effect to demand an in-depth look at what’s going on in my heart.

Today’s was perfect.

Be aware of all the wonder around you. Be in the moment.


Last year around this time, I was a very humbled student in the Pre/Postnatal Yoga Intensive at The Yoga Workshop in Boulder with my teacher, De West. It was intense and powerful and lovely. This year, my teacher asked me to come back and photograph the intensive, and it has been phenomenal. Last year, I struggled between absorbing, observing, learning, and capturing snapshots to keep with me and refer back to with my notes. This year, I get to simply observe.

20110512 De West Yoga 1

20110512 De West Yoga 7

De altar

The next few posts will be a little mini-chronicle of the intensive.

20110512 De West Yoga 5 2

Tell me about you

20110512 De West Yoga 20

And while I can’t speak to the down-and-dirty experience of the women this year, I can tell you what I see with my eye, through my lens, and from my heart.

20110512 De West Yoga 79

It’s pretty damn cool to see that same softening that I felt last year begin to descend on this group of beautiful yoginis.

Mary Pantier Photography  304 of 1

How their skin is becoming more relaxed in their practice time, their sweet surrender to meditation and chanting, their lighting up in learning, and for some, revisiting the beauty of becoming and being pregnant, and then moving into the different, but just as lovely, surrender and navigation of motherhood.

20110512 De West Yoga 86

20110512 De West Yoga 87

20110512 De West Yoga 85

20110512 De West Yoga 84

The added fun and dynamic energy of an intermediate demonstration.

20110512 De West Yoga 82 2


20110512 De West Yoga 85 2



Divine feet

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The moments in between: the pranayama and asana practice.

The practice

20110512 De West Yoga 81

20110512 De West Yoga 82

20110512 De West Yoga 83

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Be aware.

Don’t miss the moment.


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