Busy. I really don’t like that word very much. It seems so self-imposed, which it usually is. It also seems a bit random and “out of control” feeling. It usually is that, too. It’s just plain…yucky.

But that’s what our week has been. We have two more days of busy around here, and then hopefully we can find our normal rhythm again. (And why is “rhythm” one of the hardest darn words in the English language to spell? I ALWAYS have to spell check that one.)

“Busy” makes me an impatient momma. And a quick-to-incorrectly-judge wife. Oh, and don’t let me forget this one: an out-of-touch friend.

Have I mentioned that I really don’t like it?

But I read something today that touched me deeply; so much so, in fact, that I might just have to double blog about it and mention over on my other site – the yoga one. It was this:

Set your intention to stay on the path of your heart.

And my heart is my family. Here’s what’s been great this week.

A text message from Nick from a friend’s phone that said, “Hi Mom, it’s Nick. I just wanted you to know that I love you.”

Holden coming in the kitchen to tell me that Ewan was “so cute it was just breaking his heart apart.”

Ewan has found the moon. He announces it every night and every morning with an excited jab to the sky and a lit up face yelling, “BOON!”

Hank brought home happy, hello summer flowers that light up the kitchen like nobody’s business.

The Oscar dog has yet to eat any of our patio flowers and has only dropped a slobbery tennis ball on my bare foot one time this week.

Todd Helton the cat brought me a trophy one morning: a dead mouse. He really, really loves me.

I gotta stay on this path. It’s a darn good one. And it’s a really happy one. But I’m realizing that it’s a lot like a Zen garden path. It meanders about and has low branches here and there and other assorted obstacles to keep us aware along our little journey. That’s all right, I guess. Learning, when coupled by a swift rap to the noggin usually sticks best. And…I’m what you would call a “lifelong learner.”

I might be starting to not like that phrase about as much as that word up there.

But here are some things I do like. Cherish, in fact. Like Holden at his t-ball game.

He’s got an arm, people. Remember, he just turned five a couple of weeks ago. What a little stud muffin.

Yeah, he’s feeling his studliness. Oh dear.

And the Ewan. Well, he wasn’t so sure about that fence that seemed to separate him from his brother out on the field.

Oh boy. He’s going to be something else when he’s a tween and still giving me those looks. I’d better get the upper hand while he’s still short.

The day after Holden’s game, we played outside for a bit. Ewan’s really been practicing this walking thing. He’s like a weeble wobble. Well, except he does fall down. Especially when those high tops want to eject from his feet.

And then he watched the big boys on bikes and scooters…

And thought he’d try his luck on a trike.

Random, but I just have to show you Holden’s rad new shorts and Converse.

And now Ewan’s parting scowl that doubles as the I’m-ready-for-my-nap face.

This coming week my goal is to show you as many smiley Ewans as possible. I keep missing those. And…I have a new lens coming soon and am hoping to while away some days learning how to use it.

Wish us all the best luck ever.

Ciao peeps.