Their gift.

Mother’s Day 2011.

For it, my boy gave me a cookbook that his kindergarten class made for their moms…I cried like a baby over it. As a collective gift, I also was given a new crossbike – super duper cool – and some faboo fancy pants and socks and cycling jersey and helmet to really look the part. The bike fits me perfectly and did very well on its maiden voyage along our trails while racing that same wily kindergartner.

But my very favorite gift is one that I get every day, which was somehow even more special on Sunday: time with my boys (missing one in person and in my heart, Nicholas. Loving you.).

Stinkeye returns

Believe it or not, we were up pretty early and out the door to stand in line for about an hour for breakfast at Lucile’s.

It’s always worth it.

20110508 mothers day 3

Even with everybody throwing the stinkeye around.

Well. Except for this handsome thing.

20110508 mothers day 4

What a rockstar.

We did the best we could to keep their minds off of their growling bellies while we waited.

20110508 mothers day 5

20110508 mothers day 6

Happy to say we all made it.

I had a photo shoot (to be posted soon) at a new found spot the night before and couldn’t wait to take the boys to see it.

20110508 mothers day 7

I had a feeling it would be a big hit…once I saw his face light up, I knew we’d hit the jackpot.

20110508 mothers day 8

These two were a little pokier, what with someone’s shorter legs. But the payoff was the same.

Hank and rev

20110508 mothers day 18

Water + mud = happy, gross boys.

20110508 mothers day 21

20110508 mothers day 19

Happy, gross boys + Mother’s Day = pure awesomeness.


Pretty much in love with my family.



He is, too.


20110508 mothers day 25

We even found the really gross stuff. Bleh.

20110508 mothers day 12

(Ok. Am cracking up. On what planet does a dead fish carcass warrant a cameo on a Mother’s Day post?!?!?!?)

But there’s more.

Boys over the hill

This open space/trailhead is actually a working farm on the other side of that small lake.

20110508 mothers day 37

20110508 mothers day 31

Boys 2

There were cows to be fed, people.

20110508 mothers day 36

And horses to befriend.

20110508 mothers day 38

But then we noticed that we had the weirdest stuff stuck to the bottoms of our feet and decided to head home for some scrubbing and a little afternoon siesta. (Um, and we were negligent with the sunscreen – eek!)

We soon discovered, however, that we weren’t quite finished with our fun with water. Out came that squirty-thing again, and we yelled at the little one to run for his life from his brother.

20110508 mothers day 39

That older one got it back in spades. For a little guy, The Rev has pretty good aim and force.

20110508 mothers day 41

So much so that this one tried to escape through the garden.

20110508 mothers day 40

I begged for a photo opp, you know, to prove that I was actually there for Mother’s Day celebrations and fiesta siesta.

20110508 mothers day 42

This is about as good as we could get it.

20110508 mothers day 43

I think they were a little distracted and I took up too much of the swanky pool.

I’ve read that a lot of you had pretty outstanding Mother’s Days out there. Hope that’s true across the board.

Have a great week!