Their love of adventure.

They come by it naturally, this love of adventure. When a thirty minute window of bright sunshine warmed up the outside briefly, they attacked.

20110427 blog 1

Even in weather that’s still a bit chilly, there were flip-flops and water blasters.

20110427 blog 7

A refresher course in how to turn on the outdoor faucet and a short game of hide-and-seek for the special metal bowl to carry around some water, and they were on.

20110427 blog 4

Even Todd-Helton-the-cat did a little downward dog action and got sassy. Pound your paws and extend your claws, yogis.

Todd helton

They’re pirates, these two.

20110427 blog 5

Unapologetic rogues of the water warrior brigade.

20110427 blog 2

Rev blast

Rev blast 2

They are fast and fierce, and I cannot resist them.

20110427 blog 3

20110427 blog 6

And I love them every minute.

Watch out