Around 1:30 p.m. or so, Holden and I hear a come-and-get-me noise from the baby monitor in the living room. Sometimes we wait a few minutes to make sure it’s not a false alarm and no more sleep is needed for Ewan. Today we waited a touch too long, though, because there were a couple of tears on those cheeks when we went to check.

This little one knows that there’s fun going on downstairs and darn it all but he’s had his mattress lowered down so that he can’t crawl out and get there on his own.

It doesn’t long for him to perk right up, though. Especially when perking up involves finding a book. He lives for them.

He pours over the pictures and loves turning the pages. He’s mostly gentle, and we don’t have many rips or tears or folded pages.

Sometimes all of the pages go by too quickly, though, and that can warrant a call for help. And sometimes, he just pitches the book and runs out of the room in search of something in Holden’s room.

Like the ladder. Oh boy. People…we have a climber. All bets are off.

I see danger in our future. You should probably start praying.