My father-in-law was in town this last weekend again. What makes this so special is how this affects my boys. All of them, including my husband.

20111121 1121 The Map 1

They all share a connection much deeper than genetics. They study. They strategize. They plan.

20111121 1121 The Map 3

20111121 1121 The Map 4

They pour over maps, deciphering trails and roads, trying to find the best routes to take on their trips together.

20111121 1121 The Map 7

20111121 1121 The Map 5

My father-in-law is retired Army. Colonel Robert H. Pantier, in fact; graduate of West Point. That love of deciphering and planning is planted deep in this family of men.

20111121 1121 The Map 10


And this is how the boys carry it out.

20111119 1120 gun wars 1

Yes, that’s right.

Planning attacks and standing firm, even with nerf bullets headed mercilessly toward your knee.

20111119 1120 gun wars 2

It’s an added bonus to have a Bumblebee Transformer mask with built-in goggles as your secret protective gear.

Also an added bonus to execute your retreat.

20111119 1120 gun wars 5

20111119 1120 gun wars 15

20111119 1120 gun wars 8

20111119 1120 gun wars 11

20111119 1120 Nerf war 1

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

:Sun Tzu:

I’m pretty sure that was what The ‘Fish was thinking.