Every day right now, I’m searching for that inspired shot that’s going to be the picture of the day. I don’t know why I’m looking so hard, because it’s been happening lately pretty spontaneously. Today’s began with me staring at this bouquet of tulips, looking this way and that, studying how the light shifted and changed things.

Mary Pantier Photography (18 of 1).jpg

And then I played around with the different perspectives and cropped them this way and that.



But I still felt…eh. Not quite right.

Then I went to the gym. After I finished the WOD (and yes, I was still gasping for air), I grabbed my camera and shot some more. (And yes again, this is how we look after a WOD. You struggle to get up off the floor for a few minutes.)



This is what it looks like toward the end of your WOD, when you’re giving it everything you’ve got left.



Oh yeah, baby. Man that’s good stuff. It was awesome. Awe-some.



These are some of the things that they’ll have you flip over. I’m not so good at flipping the big tires, but soon! (Don’t let the perspective fool you; that bottom one on the left is almost 300#.)


Love that place. LOVE.

They even have toys for the kiddos placed here and there. This one just happened to be stuck at the top of the pull up “gym.” I bet Holden could get that down.


But even all of these shots, though part of everyday life around here, still didn’t reveal the one.

So I moved on.

We got a new fish. Yes, I somehow managed to kill a hearty betta fish in 24 hours. Here’s our new one, named quite simply, McQueen. You know, because he’s red like Lightning.


Mary Pantier Photography (19 of 1).jpg

He’s lively and bright. And if you point your finger at him, he gets all feisty and fans his tiny front fins at you ferociously. He’ll last at least at week. (Oh please let him last longer. I’m gonna start taking it personally if he keels over, too.)

Still not what I was looking for though. Until…

I heard our next door neighbor’s dog, Roxie, barking at our dog (which is normal – they go back and forth periodically). But this time, I just happened to look out the window and there, over our six-foot fence, I saw this.

Mary Pantier Photography (17 of 1).jpg

And here I thought that they were barking through the fence, not over.

What is she? Six-foot-four? What a crack up. But then she noticed me. Well, she noticed me because I was whispering to her.


Ha. She looks like Wilson. Remember him?

Such a pretty little thing.

So there you have it. Total randomness. It’s all about the process, right?