Ewan’s ONE MONTH CHECKUP was this morning. We can’t believe he’s been here that long – the days are absolutely melting away.

Ewan now weighs, after eating CONSTANTLY, ten pounds and two ounces, and is 22 3/4 inches long. That is a weight gain of a little over two pounds in four weeks, and a “length gain” of two inches! Imagine our equivalent of that: that would be about a 20% weight gain in one month. Amazing.

He also received his first immunization today, which he did NOT like. He was sure to tell us about it for about 15 minutes, very loudly, with lots of tears. What a heart breaker. Then again, it was about time for his morning nap right when he was poked, so that just ticked him right off, so much so that he cried all of his sound and breath out, his lips turned blue, then he took his pacifier and drifted off. I’m so glad that none of our boys are very dramatic. LOL!

Other news is that we have all of our boys under one roof this week. Nick & Kaycee are here for their spring break and Nick has already made a list of his favorite restaurants so we’ll not forget a one. Ironically, Holden has the exact same list of faves.