In April I went to a photography workshop with my friend and neighbor, Jodi. It was fantastic!

And then I forgot mostly everything.

It made sense while I was there, but…I’m the kind of girl who needs to do while I learn, or else the learning doesn’t stick in a, well, sticky sort of way; it kind of slides right out of my head instead. The good news is, the terms and theory still sound familiar so I’m cracking open my notes and going down the list of their suggested reading. One of those books suggested is, “Understanding Exposure,” which was lent to me yesterday by another friend after she watched me struggle and wrestle and moan my way through taking pictures at Holden’s soccer practice on a cloudy day.

I trudge through. And hopefully, through  my trudging, I will be…


In the meantime, I thank the Lord for applications like Aperture, which allow me to adjust a lot on my computer and make so-so pictures like this

look like this.

Oh I’m just kidding. Here’s the real before-and-after.

Wish me and the sticky parts of my brain some good luck, please.

And now about those traveling pants.

One of my very favorite yoga clothing lines is Beyond Yoga. Their clothes are so soft that it almost feels as if you’re not really touching them. They’re the right kind of stretchy and comfy, but hold their shape pretty well and don’t bind in the spots that NEVER NEED TO BIND (note to other yoga clothing companies – that’s IMPORTANT.) And on my last trip to visit family and friends in Oklahoma, I happened to be in the department store that sells this line, and evidently no one in Oklahoma likes yoga because these clothes were on sale. Very on sale. Like I could actually afford to buy them on sale. It felt almost sinful to scoop up as much as I could and rush to the register to make them my own. I did, and in my suitcase then went to make the trip back to Colorado.

This morning, I learned why my new black yoga pants were on sale.

I was happily teaching hip openers, you know, like Half-Moon (yeah, that’ll get even funnier in a minute. Or not.) and Pigeon Prep, when I noticed an unraveled seam. Now, not to go into more details than necessary, but just know that my G-rated class could have very easily gone into a NOT G-rated class very quickly.

Horrified! And would you like to know how far into class this was before I noticed any breeze? Forty minutes. FORTY MINUTES!!!!

Hip openers quickly morphed into Child’s Pose and then, “Oh, let’s everyone just recline back into a twist,” blah blah blah. I sheepishly grabbed my bright coral zip-up jacket, which really blended well with a turquoise shirt and black pants, and tied it around my waist. Subtle, I know.

So here I sit, thinking how ironic it is that I sat in this same spot at my kitchen table only yesterday, reading up on how to understand exposure.

I should have waited until this morning to get the full effect.

Goodbye forever.