I spied Ewan. I saw him, sneaking up the stairs (he’s getting really good at the navigation there). He usually stops and flirts with me when he reaches the landing at the halfway point, but he didn’t.

I heard the gate at the top of the stairs click shut. It’s a quiet click, so only the attuned ear can hear it. I heard it.

I waited.

No noisy crawling baby. A moment or two passed and I actually realized that I didn’t hear anything. Woopsie. Gettin’ kinda used to tuning some things out.

I went upstairs and found the closed gate. Opened it. No Ewan.

Saw our bedroom door closed. Hmmm. Opened it. No Ewan.

Saw our bathroom door closed. Paused. Heard a small, faint whimper. Opened it slowly.

Found him. Shut up in the bowels of the house in the darkest room. (HA! Bowels, bathroom…oh never mind.)