Viking hats and t-ball.

I could go on and on about the enormity of FIVE that I’ve been feeling lately and how I almost dissolve into tears every time I look at this little man, but then I look at this picture and can’t help but crumble into fits of giggles.

Even though he’s FIVE and growing up way too fast…he is still, and forever will be, Holden. Sweaty-headed, rosy-cheeked, goofy-grinned boy of ours.

Yes, today we partied. We started the party off with coffee for the adults, t-ball for the kids, and these.

I guess if you’re gonna have a sugar-filled day, you might as well go all in. And with coffee in hand, the Dad brigade went off to supervise all of the sports happenings on the park end of things.

The boy children were full of manly ‘tude today. After one look at these photos, Hank thought we should go ahead and send copies to our local police force to just have them go ahead and get used to seeing these little mugs around town. I hope they don’t know our boys by name…

And while they gave it their all on the field, others gave it their all telling stories, climbing stuff, and looking sweet enough to nibble.

This girl loves my boys like no other. Oh what a place she holds in my heart.

And after all of the play and Holden asking a MILLION times when he could open presents, we stalled him just a bit longer with lunch. Of course, my littlest passed over the PB&J sammies for a man-sandwich piled high with turkey, cheddar, and Heaven knows what else on swirly rye bread, all while maintaining his death grip on a football.

All the littles obliged us by putting on their uber cool viking party hats to tune up for a round of “Happy Birthday” to Holden.

Which left this Dad a little perplexed. Or maybe he was left wondering, “Why the heck didn’t I get one of those uber cool viking party hats?”

Finally, singing gave way to “How To Train Your Dragon” style cupcakes,

Which led to messy faces and friendly littles giving each a much needed but not wanted wipe across the face.

Finally, the swarm of friends to see what goodies were hidden under all of the fun paper,

And this one garnered a particularly heightened interest.

There were those who searched the hillside for dragons to train,

And those who grabbed friends in big heartfelt hugs of thanks for just being there.

It was about this time that we said goodbye to another year and hello to FIVE. Still not quite able to say that one out loud with a steady voice, but here we go.