virginia or pennsylvania?

A couple of weeks ago, Hank and I overheard the boys in the rabbitry discussing…geography?

So we walked quietly nearer the door and listened.

And then busted out laughing.

The boys were picking up all of the baby rabbits, flipping them over, heads close together, and asking each other, “Virginia or Pennsylvania?”

They’ve recently learned how to sex rabbits. Sort of. And to that end, they were sorting them.

Here’s our most recent Virginia. She’s a Harlequin named, “Magpie.”





Harlequin breeders are evidently pretty rare around here, so we’ll see how this goes. Evidently, if you breed two black/white striped rabbits, you’ll have a littler of white ones. It seems we’re in line for a Japanese Harlequin buck, which is orangish and black, and breeding him with our girl here will result in the standard stripe that you see on her. So when our girl, I mean our Virginia, comes of age here within a few months, we very well may have even more Virginias and Pennsylvanias to sort. Get your maps out, people. Or anatomy books. ;)