Ewan was a wee bit tired. His 20-minute nap that day was taken in my arms as I raced through the grocery store grabbing last minute items we needed to make the camping trip a successful one, aka one during which we would not go hungry. So by the time our little rain shower ended, we were ready to hike over to the lake, but Ewan was not ready to leave Hank’s bike helmet behind.

At all.

In fact, he refused to be moved unless it was on his head. So, that’s where we put it.

He looked kind of like a Transformer. Or Skeletor.

He did finally relinquish the head gear when he saw the lake. He demanded that Hank release him and put him on the ground. And then he stepped into that world that every little boy goes into: throwing rocks into water.

It made him clap for joy.

And this one. He’s an old pro at this sort of thing.

We wandered over to the other side because, well, it has a huge climbing rock. But without Hank’s bike helmet, Ewan felt the need to try for the baseball hat.

He enlisted the help of Holden, of course, to divert and capture. They gang up on us all of the time.

But Holden was fickle. He really wanted to get out to that rock.

Ewan found one more his size.

But then, something more fun lured him in.


I cannot even begin to imagine how cold this water is. I did no wading. I know better. It makes my ears tingle just even thinking about it.

But to that little man, it was pure bliss.


Yep. The water was cold cold cold. He also got his first scrape requiring a band-aid on his hand. And as per the kid manual, the band-aid only stayed on about 10 seconds until he pulled it off to see how it worked, and then it didn’t work anymore.

We decided it was time to walk back to our campsite and dry out the munchkin, saying au revoir to this view,

And this view,

And this view.

And my smarty-pants husband had the foresight to bring some rope for this stuff.

While I dried this one off and warmed him up by the campfire.

At one point, Ewan was so distressed that Hank started calling him Melvin from the movie, Madagascar, since he was freaking out about all of the nature getting stuck to him. But come to find out, he was just tired. Pooped him right out. I tucked him into his pj’s not too long after this drying out stuff and sang him to sleep out there in the wild.

And so installment three is to come. Hold on to your seats, people.