Last weekend I took a little trip. Sans children. With camera. Sans husband. With hope for sleeping in.

I suppose that when one is conditioned for getting up at the crack of crack, all the best intentions fly right out of the window at around five or six in the morning in search of whatever darn rooster is crowing to hum a nice little duet.

What is wrong with me?!


It did afford some really nice catching up time with my family, though. My purpose in going was to take Senior Night Football pictures on Friday night, and then wrap it up Saturday morning with Senior Pictures of my nephew (all to be posted soon). And along with that was a very nice bonus of all of this…

My great niece and my sister. I will forever be startled by those beautiful blue eyes.

barb & lily.jpg

My Momma. Remember her? The Original Supermom Extraordinaire who laughs all the way up from her toes…


My firstborn, looking quite grown up aside from the Elvis snarl that sneaks into more pics than I’d like to take. Ha. And there’s his lovely girl, who has secured a spot all her own in the hearts of this family, I must say.

nick & kaycee.jpg

And him. Oh him. He’s old and crusty and … he’s my Dad. I love him so.


And snapshots like these,


warm me up from the inside out. Giggles and wiggles, I tell you. It’s just the best.

And the parade of fun and wrestling and hugs of victory while the rest of us look on is a tradition that I hope never breaks.

puzzle 2.jpg

A pretty good little sip of Heaven there. (And yes, I know that I posted that pic there on the right twice. I just can’t help it. It’s a new fave.)

lily & barb 2.jpg

Missing and loving you guys in the land of waving wheat. xoxo.