We fell.

Hard in love. Just look.

20110401 ordaythree 84

We fell in love with this spot.

20110401 ordaythree 82

You have to feel this for yourself.

20110401 ordaythree 70

It’s just amazing. Multomah Falls, just outside of Oregon. I had been here once before as a freshman in college, but weirdly the main thing I remember is that I had my first taste of French onion soup in the restaurant at the bottom. How could have I missed this grandeur?


The boys kept saying, “WOAH!” at every new vantage point.


Maybe I just needed to see it with them, through their little eyes of wonder.

20110401 ordaythree 77

20110401 ordaythree 89

Or maybe I just need to make my tongue all rolly like that to really embrace it all.

20110401 ordaythree 81

The moss looks like a bunch of Muppets in Oregon.

20110331 ORday2 357

The spray was a little strong in spots. Just perfect for hiding in the curve of Daddy’s neck.

20110401 ordaythree 66

20110401 ordaythree 67

Oh ornery.

20110401 ordaythree 86

And a momentary lapse in judgment of where to put your fingers. My vote? Not on the rock under big brother’s feet. Yowie.

20110401 ordaythree 87

It was made a lot better with a bite of chocolate fudge and a milk chaser. Chocolate is a miracle drug.

Hank had a couple of bike shops on his list of places to see in Portland. First stop, River City Bicycles.

20110401 ordaythree 91

The Rev loves the color pink. Really.

20110401 ordaythree 92

And now that my jacket and favorite jeans were clean again, I worked on perfecting my self portrait. Until I got caught.

Self portrait

That’s a Lensbaby lens that I’m shooting with. It’s a trip. You can read about them here; my next post will be filled with pictures taken only with that lens. It’s a little tricky – sort of like a tilt shift lens but weirder. I love it, Hank does not (not a fan of the blur it creates). See what you think tomorrow!