It seems a little silly to say after our long ski weekend last week, but I’ve been looking forward to this three-day weekend. This was the get-busy weekend, filled with Hank’s Birthday WOD, a basketball game, a potluck CrossFit dinner, and a huge project.

First, the Birthday WOD was very fun and awesome, but then made me sore way beyond what I was expecting. Owie. Second, the basketball game, pictures are below; third, the dinner was phenomenal and my children broke a picture frame (so embarrassing); and fourth, I’ll post more about that huge project soon.

So…Hank must have made super-powered get-up-and-go waffles for the boys during my grocery store run on Saturday morning, because the Goldfish was on fire.

Except he was in opposite world during his pre-game stretching.

20110219 bballgame4 1

20110219 bballgame4 2

Up means down and down means up, I suppose.

But he got it figured out muy pronto during the run.

20110219 bballgame4 3

Isn’t if funny how everyone has a “hand thing”? Whenever athletes are playing their sport, there’s a certain way they hold their hands. I notice it mostly in soccer, but there it is in basketball.


Team yell. Oh my gosh. I’ve just realized that I have no idea what their team name is.

What sort of mother am I?!?!?!?

20110219 bballgame4 4

There’s that side shuffle again. I think he’s the best at it.

20110219 bballgame4 5

And this picture…I have no idea who these kids are, but this is like a Semi-Pro moment for me. Can’t you just hear the slow motion sound of spit being knocked out of their mouths at the moment of impact?

20110219 bballgame4 6

Ok maybe that was a little dramatic. I have, some would say, an active imagination.

It does crack me up how their bobble heads fly around like air guitarists when they play and dodge the ball. Or try to rebound. Whichever.

20110219 bballgame4 8

Go baby!

He didn’t handle the ball too much in this game, but he was an awesome chaser.

20110219 bballgame4 10

But some of the kids were really clicking during this game. It was amazing; like they all woke up that morning and just knew how to play.

20110219 bballgame4 13


20110219 bballgame4 25

Ooooohhhhh. See the tall girl, brunette, right hand side? That was me playing basketball, back in the day. A little apprehensive, a lot timid, and really unsure of how to go with my own gawkiness. I wanted to hug her.

20110219 bballgame4 31

She did however, know how to totally rock the tiger socks.

I just bought a pair in her honor.

20110219 bballgame4 34

This picture. Oh my. Cracks me up. I feel ya, bro.

20110219 bballgame4 37

My men. Spectating and phone juggling.

20110219 bballgame4 38

And there’s that Fish again. Playing his heart out. Shoot it baby!!!!

20110219 bballgame4 43

And…then…play it off when it doesn’t quite make it…

20110219 bballgame4 44

And…then do a little dance…

20110219 bballgame4 45

And…then pick your butt. Oh dear. Must have some kind of wedgie.

20110219 bballgame4 58

There she is again. Singled out by her defenseman. Poor girl. Virtual hugs, virtual hugs!

20110219 bballgame4 59

But sheesh, she’s like 6’4″. She must be at least in the 8th grade.

20110219 bballgame4 61

He stuck to her like glue. He’s got a reach, yes?

20110219 bballgame4 63

It was a great game. Just fantastic, really. That orange team scored high over our red one, but once again, no one will ever really know how much because no one keeps score.

Still. Not. Understanding. That.

The G’Fish was just about on cloud nine after his team’s stellar performance, however, so it didn’t matter a hill of beans who scored however high.

Pretty proud of him.

Over and out.