I think you’ve got my chair…

This is a handmade, custom chair. One-of-a-kind. It was born of love; crafted, stained, and polyurethaned by a man named Gus Adams, a member in the church that raised me. And it was given to my first baby, Nick. I remember getting this chair at his baby shower when he was two weeks old. I burst into tears when I saw it, touched it, and passed it along. No one had ever made anything so lovely and it was just about the sweetest thing I had ever seen.

(I had to dig around in the old photos today and find a couple to share. They’re perfectly greenish  from florescent lights…hello 90’s!)

Here’s my sister, Barb, passing the chair down the line at the shower.

And, so that you can understand the full effect of my hair, here’s a picture of me at the shower. My hair loved the 90’s. Don’t be a hater. (Man, I totally rocked the striped, big legged pants. They are killin‘ it.)

Nick enjoyed his chair. Holden liked it as well, but not as much as throwing balls. But Ewan, oh this little one LOVES this chair.

He works it over with blankets, books, and remote controls aka “phones.”

And if you can get in the right sun spot, your hair looks terrific but somehow your feet disappear. (Oh my gosh! I just found my Diet Coke that went missing last night!)

Holden is having a couch day, along with Ewan’s chair day. He’s feeling puny again, and we’ve decided to hole up and watch Christmas movies. (This is the only time of year you can actually find them at the library; plus you have to watch Christmas movies if you’re wearing your Christmas pj bottoms.)

Notice the Gatorade/water bottle and the emergency bucket, just in case the Gatorade doesn’t go down so well.

The Beatles shirt seems to be helping him feel better. I know I always feel better when I see that t-shirt.

And of course, Ewan’s singing has to brighten the day, regardless of how crummy you might feel.

But now back to reading.