What are you hoping for?

This Christmas season has been full of emotion for our 7yo.

His beliefs about Christmas are being questioned and challenged by his peers, and as parents, we go back and forth on this, trying like crazy to protect this magical time for him while also trying to instill the meaning, the spirit of Christmas.

A lot of magic was stolen from our world recently, and I know that magic is stolen daily all around the globe. We walk on a little more fractured, a lot more broken. But we walk on.

There are three things I’d like to pass along to you. First, my friend Hannah’s blog post – so eloquent and simple and poignant in addressing our grief, beginning with the words of her pastor; second, how one photographer in California, Drew, is intending to pay it forward with honoring each child lost; and third, how to change the world and be a fighter against poverty like Ashley Campbell’s family, and planting those seeds strongly in the hearts of our children.

Action creates inspiration.

My greatest hope for my children is that we gracefully show how that magic of Christmas shifts from believing and relishing in the joy and excitement of Santa into how we ARE that magic. I can see how that magic lights them up as they see that magic as Santa right now.

This time is so precious.

I also see the birthday of Christ light our children up. This year, while the 3yo was having a big birthday party for Jesus in his classroom at church, our 7yo sat with us for the Christmas service.

He was nervous, not knowing what to expect.

We held hands and choked back tears at every song.

For the first time, we took communion together as a family.

This Christmas, I am believing more than ever.

Last night, as I tucked the boys into bed, Holden wanted to say prayers. Afterward, he asked Ewan what he’s hoping for on Christmas.

“A crossbow.”

He asked me.

“A new book.”

And I asked him.

“I’m just looking forward to spending a great day with my family. Gifts are at the bottom of my list.”



And that, my friends, is the magic of Christmas.