I am so upset.

And when I’m upset, I write. I have to. It helps me process and gain a clearer perspective, and I’m really hoping for that here. So whomever happens along and reads this weird post, please forgive me because I’m sure it won’t sound very organized or read in an organized way.

My husband is part of a team of people who put in a lot of effort, for no monetary gain or even very many verbal rewards, to do what’s best for our immediate community: our neighborhood. I have a lot of people in my neighborhood whom I love, adore in fact. So does he. We feel so lucky, blessed, and like so many prayers have been answered to live exactly where we live and to be surrounded by the best neighbors ever.

In alignment with the vision of taking care of our community in the best, most efficient, and least impactful way, a discussion began about two years ago within the HOA board to streamline our trash service. As trash providers were contacted to supply bids for service and cost, it pitted the small, local business against the larger fish/national companies. It has become so fierce a fight.

Now, there have been numerous hateful, slanderous emails directed forcefully at my husband and this team of volunteers. One trash provider is canvassing our neighborhood, door-to-door, inciting very strong emotions for fear of losing business in our neighborhood.

This is so hard for me on so many levels.

There are many, many lies being spread and expanded upon, so much so that my husband’s name is even being referenced incorrectly. Part of me feels like I should find a little humor in the “grapevine” way this has happened, but I just don’t find it funny in any way. My husband has been referred to as a socialist. A socialist!

Now, I know many of you have a clear, level head about you and can sift out the personal stuff and keep to the business at hand. For better or worse, it’s beyond hard for me. I am so, so very sad about this. I hope our friendships aren’t damaged. I hope there is nothing hateful directed toward our children. I hope there is nothing hateful directed toward me. I’m a little scared. People are really mad about this, but they’re mad about misinformation.

I don’t understand violence. I don’t understand misguided anger. I don’t understand unsubstantiated junk being hurled around in order to personally attack anyone. Anyone.

What are best practices here? Is this “just business”? Does anyone else see an ethical dilemma in this or am I just oversensitive since this is my family?

Please feel free to leave comments. If you feel like I’m being a big baby, so be it. While criticism is sometimes a painful pill to swallow, I do appreciate it when given constructively. But if you could take a moment to help me get my head around this, I am grateful for it.