Several years ago, when Hank and I were these two broke-but-living-for-the-weekends-to-rock-climb newlyweds, a like-minded couple asked us if we had ever eaten at Gunther Toody’s. We had never heard of it – but evidently, their milkshakes were to die for.

Fast forward a few years, and we actually managed to save a couple of bucks so we tried it.

20110312 breakfastatdiner 8

Pretty yummy. Total diner food.

We took the boys there this weekend.


20110312 breakfastatdiner 4

20110312 breakfastatdiner 3

Every time we’ve been there, which is a handful by this point, Elvis has been playing on the TV screens. And also every time we’ve been there, someone comes skipping up to the door and says, “What’s shakin’ bacon?”

We do love bacon.

20110312 breakfastatdiner 5

And we loved our weekend. It’s been a while since we had a weekend this good. We counted how many semi-trucks we saw on the road from here to there. There were M&M’s in pancakes. There were papers to color and ice to fish out of drinks and time to explain to our boys who the heck that Elvis guy was.

20110312 breakfastatdiner 7

Things have been too busy, too hectic, too much of everything but what was simply at that table.

20110312 breakfastatdiner 6

20110312 breakfastatdiner 11

It’s all about the priorities. Ours had turned upside down for a lot of weeks. But not today, we said. Not anymore, we decided.

20110312 breakfastatdiner 10

We shook our bacon.

20110312 breakfastatdiner 12

And like I said…

We do love bacon.