At Ewan’s 18-month check up earlier this week, I received a pamphlet that tells me all about what developmental milestones to expect between now and 24 months. For “vocabulary,” it listed 14-17 words.


At last count, he has at least doubled that. I don’t know how on Earth I’ve managed to co-create two chatterboxes over the last six years, but I have more than succeeded.

There is, however, one word that he will not say, no matter how much prompting or coaxing or joking or pleading we do. That word? “Holden.” We were positive that “Holden” would be his first word. Or whatever word he could come up to describe Holden. But not only does he refuse to say “Holden,” he clams up completely and just smiles or laughs whenever we try to get him to say it.

So Holden is now, “He-who-must-not-be-named.” I’m gonna shorten it to HWMNBN. Or Voldemort. Hopefully no one around us will suddenly sport a lightning bolt on his/her forehead, because that would be weird.

But there is one phrase that he mutters, says, or shouts at least 150 times a day.


The latest victim of wassat is his bedroom rug.


He loves this rug. Every time we’re in his room, he sits on it and asks, “Wassat?”


And we go through each animal and he points to or touches it.


He kind of does a breakdance number on those animals periodically,


And walks around like a bear on them.


But we always come back around to wassat.


I can’t quite tell which is favorite, but do know that the turtle does not get his fair amount of time in relation to the zebra, elephant, and crocodile.


The elephant might be the winner, though, now that I think about it. He usually starts with that one, then goes to the zebra, and on and on.



He picks at their eyes and pokes their noses a lot. You know, he does that to us, too. Huh.


And then he hugs them.


Lucky for him, he has a matching lamp. That, however, is something he’s not allowed to love on. The giraffe might be missing a little horn thing and the turtle its head, as Holden loved on it at the same age a little too hard. I wonder if that’s why Ewan’s not quite as invested in the turtle? It might be a little freaky deaky.

So…I guess this post is a good little indicator of how we’re slowing down a little around here with Holden being in school all day. There’s lots left of this house to explore from the perspective of Ewan, and we’re taking our sweet molasses time about it. It’s like there’s a rhythm here to discover; scratching the surface of it is an adventure of its own.

And here’s to our brand new chapter of life. The Wassat Chapter. Ooh! I hope the next chapter is about cookies. I love cookies.