When it’s unexpected.

That’s the best, isn’t it? The unexpected turn that leads to jaw dropping gorgeousness, which in turn puts a jump start deep in your belly for something spontaneous.

It’s a rare joy to have a Fun Friday with Holden and with school out this past Friday, we left home full of hope and curiosity, but also armed with an attitude of seeing what the day would hold.

It held simple things.

Simple things…like belly laughs.

And pretending to be grizzly bears.

So many days they seem not so far apart in age, but today? Today seems different. Looks different. One boy seems much bigger.

This was unexpected, the size thing. Their friendship seems to make the age difference not so important.

Another simple turn in the road led us here, to leaves begging for small hands and feet to throw them to the wind and shuffle them around.

We started with a funny sneeze out of the little guy…

Which flipped us over into more giggles and wiggles.

I think that fall is my favorite.


The most unexpected? This was a tucked away spot of a parking lot during a business day. Keep your eyes open out there…you never know where the magic is waiting for you. :)