Where we get our Easter eggs.

I have beautiful ornamental grasses. Two, actually, and they are in rather large pots, flanking the corners of our lower deck.

One has been looking quite smooshed lately, but I couldn’t figure out why, so I spied.

It seemed as though the Easter Bunny has been in cahoots with the Ellie Dawg.

Ellie the condor

Ellie is in fact now a condor, complete with a very expensive nest of maidenhair grass.

Ellie weighs about 55 pounds, in case you needed some perspective.

We made these to go in her nest, for the Easter Bunny to find and hide for us.

IMG 8474

By “we,” I mean them.

Collage 2

IMG 8461

And they were…Magnificent. Right down to the stained Incredible Hulk hands.


IMG 8457


IMG 8463

But Ellie could never make a good condor. She’d eat all the eggs.