This has become a daily acronym in our house, thrown around about as much PB&J. Or XYZ. Or TBG (ok, you might not know that one; it’s the “tired boy giggles” that goes waaay back to when Nick was a baby).

It means the “workout of the day” in CrossFit-ese. And yes, I know that I’ve been waxing on and on and on about CF, but I promised that I’d post Part Deux of the “friendly competition” that Hank and Scott declared, and here it is.

So everyday, the WOD is different. It could be lifting, or running, or both, or standing on your hands and doing push-ups. Or box jumping. But I already digressed about that one, so on we go.

Last Tuesday (and by the way, my neighbor and I have coined the phrase “Terrible Tuesday,” because Tuesdays have been particularly brutal lately…), the WOD was 16 100-yard sprints on the minute. Please keep in mind that just two months ago, when asked to go run 200 meters as a warm-up, I couldn’t even complete 100 yards without walking. It’s easier now, but I had nowhere to go but up. Way up.

OH! But this post is sooooo not about my near vomitus state that day. It’s about theirs. I was so so so happy, after surviving it myself just five hours earlier, to watch these two guys complete the WOD.

But first, here’s how they totally goofed off after all of that box jumping. They were just happy as clams, not knowing what was coming.

Jason and Justin, the owners of the gym, played around a little more on the stacked boxes, just to show everyone how it’s done. They didn’t warm up or anything. Argh.

And Hank and Scott jumped a couple more times, just because it’s fun. For them.

And then they all worked on their muscle up techniques. They’re so smiley. How do they do that?! Not the smiling part, but the smiling-while-muscle-upping part? I nearly pop a vein in my forehead every time I try this. Someday…

Warming up for the WOD looks strangely and peculiarly close to Greco-Roman style wrestling.

And then…the WOD begins. This is sprint number 2 of 16. They still look pretty good, pretty happy, and pretty OK with life in general. I knew this would change soon.

Sprint number 4 of 16. Ah, yes. I can see the joy, can you not?

Sprint 6 of 16. Now we’re cooking with Crisco. And not even halfway finished. Halfway done, maybe, but definitely not halfway finished.

Sprint number 14 of 16. This was the point when they were joined by a couple of teenagers who had just started their WOD. Oh man. Nothing like being taunted by the heels and back of a 16-year-old. That’s brutal. And just look how happy that boy is. I think it’s because I was yelling something like, “COME ON OLD MEN!!”, but I don’t remember for sure.

And then Holden ripped off his shirt and started running with them. I think he yelled something about “OLD MEN”, too. I should be more careful with what I say around him. Woops.

And, God bless America, it was over. They were having a blast. Truly.

And now, I’d like to show you their before and after pics. Remember Before Hank?

Here’s After Hank.

There was an even freakier picture of him in which he truly looked like a cadaver. It FREAKED me out, and no treatment or Photoshop work made him look any different, so I threw it away. Bleh.

Remember Before Scott?

Here’s After Scott.

He fell down on the ground after this was taken, too. But in that picture, he looked freaky, too, so in the trash it went. I think you can get the idea without those pics.

So…how did Jason feel about the WOD? Pretty pleased as punch, I think. But he’s a runner by nature. He’s twisted.