Wow. Wow, wow, WOW.

I can’t help but post these pics. Today’s WOD was Fight Gone Bad (you can read more about that here), and although my group did it this morning right after the crack of dawn, I went back this evening and watched the afternoon crew. Can you say intense?

Hank and our neighbor, Andy, went through the circuit in the first heat. Here’s Andy, rockin’ the push presses during round 1. Already dialed in and focused.

No lower on the intensity meter is Hank during round 1, rowing.

And round 2, rowing. I think this was during his battle cry. Holy mutha.

Wall ball, round 3.

Now for the second heat with Dawn, Matt, and Justin.

Dawn, getting set up for push presses, round 2.

Crazy gorilla man, Justin, tearing it up with sumo deadlift high pulls, same round.

Resting between rounds.

And out of sync with the b&w photos is Justin doing his last round of push presses. The b&w treatment failed to show his face, so it was a no-go. Good grief.

And time. Heat over.

Now, just for fun, our breakfast club from yesterday’s WOD, the precursor for today’s, where we three battled out the handstand push-ups. Girls rule.