Wrays of Sunshine. {family session}

This family. Oh boy did they heal something in me. Isn’t that funny to say? Not to get too personal, but I had just had an experience that shook my world, one that left me feeling that I really wanted to just hang up my camera.

And then I met this family.

Family 2

They just lapped up the sun. They loved each other. They were connected with each other. Really connected, and it warmed me up and set me on fire.

Big hugs

Happy. Grounded. Truly solid family. And those blue eyes just nearly left me melted on a trail in the middle of Colorado.

Brady bunch

Mom and daughter 1


The youngest two are twins. There’s something so unique, so…mysterious maybe…about those unspoken connections between twins. So beautiful to watch.


I think I want to move in with them.

Mom and dad

Bw family

Mom and daughter 2


Especially since they seem to have a good dose of silly running through their veins.


And this one. I think this might just be my favorite picture ever. This red coat? It’s been in their family for a long time; in fact, their oldest daughter, now in college, wore it when she was a little girl. Mom kept it all these years, not expecting that it would be worn again on her six-year-old daughter.

Red coat

Suits her. And again with a smile that’s missing some teeth; another one of my favorite things.

Oh, you humble me. Thank you, Wray family. Thank you for paying it forward on the ol’ bliss-o-meter. And many, many thanks for chasing some rays of sunshine with me on that chilly winter evening.