yard food.

Our house was gutted 32 days ago. It look a little while to find a rhythm that didn’t include eating out too much, and I think we’ve finally settled into a nice one. We’re lucky to have access to some pretty great cooking gear for camping and we’ve challenged ourselves to 30 days of yard cooking in either a dutch oven or pressure cooker this month.

For our portable kitchen, we have a griddle, two crockpots, a camping stove, Big Green Egg, propane grill, and a fire pit (we also have a full-size fridge operating in the garage). The griddle and crockpots require electricity, which we have in the basement and have set up a table there; everything else is outside cooking stuff. Since Hank broke out the camping stove and showed me how simple it is to use, my world has opened up! We use the pressure cooker on the stove and the dutch oven on the fire pit with coals.

Here are some of the things we’ve been cooking and how we’ve done it.

Pearl Quinoa with Salad (camping stove).

0521 GSI-001

This is what I like to refer to as “raw food.” Ice cream from the freezer with fresh strawberries and pecans!

0707 gsi 2-001

And does this count as yard food? Wine! That carafe holds a whole bottle, and the stemless wine glass can sit on uneven surfaces. Wine + uneven surfaces always go hand-in-hand for me.

0709 gsi-006

Yard coffee. A personal favorite. We make it in a french press, like this one.

0714 gsi-002

Italian eggs (camping stove).

0728 gsi-003

More wine. Farm work is hard. Makes me thirsty.

0824 gsi-002

Mexican tortilla soup (sans tortillas). Made in the pressure cooker.

0831 gsi-002

Mushroom tortellini in alfredo sauce + garlic bread + Rocky Ford canteloupe (camping stove). Oh! And this pot. It has a strainer built into the lid for your pasta! Genius.

0901 farm-007

Monkey bread (dutch oven).

0901 gsi-002

Beef ramen. This was delicious! Made on the camping stove, and this utensil comes with chopsticks, with which I proudly scooped up every last slippery noodle. Didn’t have to use the spork part at all. :)


Bread (dutch oven). You guys. WARM BREAD. From the YARD.

gsi 0825-006

And finally, 7-layer brownies (dutch oven).

gsi 0902-011

Tonight, I plan to make Tikka Masala chicken and rice in the pressure cooker. I’m a little nervous about the rice part, so wish me luck. Then again, I may just dig out our rice cooker and cheat on that part. :)

Do you have any camping recipes to share?