Yay Today!

How I started my day today:

Ten times a day something happens to me like this – some strengthening throb of amazement – some good sweet empathic ping and swell. This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.

God bless Mary Oliver.

And God bless the Canon Service Center. My camera came back today, working beautifully and feeling heavy in my hands like the sweetest material thing ever. I peeped out the door at the FedEx man and sheepishly told him that I was still in my pajamas, and could he please just pass the thing that I sign through the door? But when I realized what was in the box, I threw open the door and whooped and hollered, laughing like a madperson.

He smiled really weirdly at me and backed away.

Sorry dude. That was just a really great way to start the day.

After I fitted my fave lens back on my Canon, I turned around to this.


Yep. The Ellie dog had bacon for breakfast. And then she went back to nervously biting her nails. Or maybe she stepped in more fallen bacon and was simply doing the doggie version of licking her fingers.

Here’s a rundown of the rest of our day.

How To Say, “I’m Sorry.”

Those of you who are friends with Hank on Facebook know how our week began. There was, shall we say, an explosion in the kitchen on Tuesday that left me cleaning for about three hours. We’ll just say that there was a beer issue, as in a carboy of fermenting beer that Hank was brewing spewed The Great Beer and Yeast and Hops Fountain in the kitchen that left a ceiling to be scrubbed, a counter to be bleached and grout lines to be scrubbed with a toothbrush, and a hardwood floor to be mopped a few times, followed by a toothpick cleaning of the beveled edges between the planks. I just would like to state, for the record, that I didn’t freak out. Really. But Hank did, because he was at work knowing that I was cleaning up his huge mess.

This is what he brought home.


Pretty awesome. The hyacinths were a “just because” gift a couple of days before, but they’re still beautiful and totally deserve a Kodak-I-mean-Canon moment.

They’re beautiful, baby, and I love you – even when you’re messy.


I think The Rev is just as excited as me to have the camera back. He followed me around yelling, “Cheeeeeeeese” all morning.

20110325 ewanbounces 16

20110325 ewanbounces 18


Hotel California.

In The Great Beer and Yeast and Hops Fountain explosionorama, the fish tank got a little foamy. However, I should be really honest. More fish have met their maker in this tank than probably any fish tank out there. We nicknamed it the Hotel California a few fish ago, and once again, there was another floater in there this week. Well, a sinker, actually, because it was a Pleco. Those are nasty, vile, hard fish, but admittedly, I love them because they eat most of the yucky stuff in there.

20110325 elliebacon 46

He’s that thing that looks like, well, cat poop in the bottom left. I’m sure glad my copyright is on that picture, since boy-oh-boy someone’s been waiting for a pic of that quality to steal and make their own. Mmmmm hmmmmm.

The betta lives.

20110325 elliebacon 40


I fished him out and put him in his new home, a mason jar. He now sits on the kitchen bar for the kids to ogle over and talk to during breakfast.

20110325 elliebacon 48


Nice arrangement, yes? Oh my word. I figure if I surround him with my “I’m sorry” flowers, he’ll feel better about living in our home and think his chances for survival are better than grim. (Also notice his proximity to the kitchen sink, just in case he bites it, too. Eeeeeewwwww.)



He had an idea.

20110325 ewanbounces 28

He ran it by me.

Mary Pantier Photography  135 of 1

He hydrated.

Mary Pantier Photography  126 of 1

And then it began.

Bouncing collage

Huge bouncing time on the bed today. Huge.


And after he was finished?


Best nap ever.


Belly Laughs.

The boys were in rare form tonight. Huge leaps in air to cushy landings.

20110325 ewanbounces 3

Dips behind the big comfy chair to find the lost baseball. (And yes, the little man stayed in his pjs all day long today.)

20110325 ewanbounces 1

Trying to squeeze that baseball out of a rain boot.

20110325 ewanbounces 7

20110325 ewanbounces 8

And finally…brother hurdles.

20110325 ewanbounces 10

20110325 ewanbounces 12

Oh my gracious. The Goldfish was laughing so hard that all of a sudden he did that laugh that goes so deep that you burst into tears. I wasn’t too far behind him, but he’d never done it before and was so confused. My poor baby. Goshdarnit those things sneak up on a guy.

So that’s it. Those are just the highlights of my 10 amazing pings and swells today, thank you very much.

Hoping your day was very Mary Oliver.