We made it. Every stinkin’ one of us.

On the eve of the big, big day, we socialized over ice cream sammies. Holden had no qualms about stepping up to that table and using his best manners to ask for his treat.

And then Dad offered up some cashola to buy his first badge of honor.

He picked out a hat. My, oh my, but doesn’t he look studly.

I think that the hat was only slightly better than the realization that the gym has a couple of CLIMBING ROPES. Holden is uber excited about them. Yep, the fear and loathing in most adult memory banks has to do with the thing that excites him the most. He was already planning out how he could most tactfully “ask” the gym teacher about those beasts coming down.

But we had to pry him away and head home. It was time to settle in for the evening; take a really, really good bath; and send a little prayer up for a good first day ever of public school.

I am just surrounded by handsome.

So … this morning was it. The day that we’ve been wondering about and hoping for and a little apprehensive about for several weeks now.

He was a little nervous for a little bit, but then threw two thumbs up and excitement came shooting out.

He wanted to ride his bike to school. So we all went along. It was quite beautiful out this morning.

That little dude is a machine.

After we had parked his bike at the rack and locked it up, he marched off and out to his new classroom with all of the determination and fierceness that he is.

I had to run to catch up with him.

And then…

It was over. The walk up to his classroom and the door that swallowed him up. And there we were. Me, holding his bike helmet and with a huge lump burning a hole in my throat, and Hank with a chattering Ewan perched on his shoulders.

And we turned around, knowing with confused hearts that he was safe and flying on his own and in that room with a few of his good neighborhood buddies, but a little lost knowing that we weren’t the consumers of his days any longer.

His report at the end of his first day? Kindergarten is awesome. He’d like to go there until he’s a tenth-grader. And the bonus? He asked his heart’s greatest love, who also happens to be in his class, if she would marry him and she said yes.


Yeah baby.