Amazing things happen when Hank goes elk hunting. It’s like spa week, but for guys. Walking 10-15 miles a day, living for days out in the sometimes sunny, sometimes freezing, sometimes blizzardy foggy forest; eating MREs; not bathing or shaving; making fire; being stalked by mountain lions. Yep, sounds exactly like my spa days.

In Hades.


Yet he comes back insanely refreshed, regrouped, and refocused.

He figures out stuff he’s been wrestling with for a while. Like code. Like how to design that website better, nicer, and more efficiently. Like…

What’s really important in life.

And this October, he came home from his adventures and dubbed Wednesday nights, “Family Game Night.” I think he bought both Candyland and Star Wars Trouble on the way home from the mountains.

And you know what? We’ve already had to fiercely protect that night. It’s amazing how many interesting and fun things come up that make us push promises to our children aside on a whim. We’ve realized that by saying “yes” so much, that we’ve been saying “no” a lot to the Goldfish and the Terror.

But not lately. Lately, we’ve quickly swiped away the remains of our dinner, washed faces and hands, and slipped into pj’s for nights of this bliss:

Halloween 2990.jpg

Halloween 2991.jpg

And while the Goldfish loves counting and naming colors and pushing vivid gingerbread men around the board, the Terror has announced his love of the color yellow.

Halloween 2992.jpg

Halloween 2993.jpg

Halloween 2994.jpg

He waves around that yellow guy and says yellow over and over and over and over. And over. And then over and over again.

Halloween 2996.jpg


It really is quite fun, building this life of joy and memories together.


Even if this one does climb on the table at every chance he gets.


Halloween 3004.jpg

I think the yellow guy gives him powers and makes him extra slippery.

Halloween 2995.jpg