You get to say “butt” a lot.

One of my friends recently went through a coaching clinic on how to teach to tennis to kids. I knew that she was a brave one, but when she pulled together a group of about eight kids, including our boy, I was wow’d once again.

20110725 0724 Tennis 3

Get ready

She and a fellow tennis team player decided to teach these little rugrats how to kick some bootay on the tennis court.

20110725 0724 Tennis 9

And our Goldfish loves it. Although he did inherit both of his parents’ ability to accidentally open your shoulders wide up and power that ball right outta the tennis court. Might have been why I was bottom seed that one year I played tennis in high school…

His favorite thing today was that he got say “butt to butt” a lot.

20110725 0724 Tennis 27

I think it was a few kids’ favorite.

20110725 0724 Tennis 28

The games they get to play are kinda fun, too. I make the Fish teach them to me when we get home.


20110725 0724 Tennis 34


In my secret dreams, along with being a blues singer in some upscale, sultry night club; a hip-hop dancer; a famous hula-hooper; and a heckuva acoustic guitar player, I am also a professional tennis player.

20110725 0724 Tennis 35

I still have some time left to get there, I think.

20110725 0724 Tennis 39

20110725 0724 Tennis 38

Hope I make it look as easy as these guys.

20110725 0724 Tennis 45

20110725 0724 Tennis 47

20110725 0724 Tennis 5